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Posted By Topic: Orientation of socket outlet

Feb 01 2020 20:31

Is there any restrictions on which way a socket outlet goes, as on can you have a horizontal socket outlet in a vertical position or vice versa so that the outlet would be positioned on its side? Or even upside down? (Not saying I want too but just curious for the sake of argument)

I have been told you can't but can't find or be provided with an reference

I believe they may have read "All socket-outlets that accommodate three-pin/flat-pin plugs shall be
connected so that, when viewed from the front of the socket-outlet, the
order of connection commencing from the slot on the radial line shall be
earth, active, neutral in a clockwise direction." but to me this just means that regardless of the way it's mounted the earth, phase and neutral must be in the correct position

Correct me if I'm wrong or point me to what I need to look at

Feb 01 2020 21:43

Poses a problem with IP rated sockets. If not mounted the correct way water can enter through the pin holes.

Feb 01 2020 22:01

Totally agree, I would say that there MIs would say that the IP rating would only apply when installed in the correct position so any other way would void the IP and render the socket outlet non-compliant as no longer a piece of equipment suitable for the environment

But I'm more talking general outlets inside

Feb 01 2020 22:19

O A. You are wrong. They can be mounted any way you like but the control switch must have clear marking to show on or off.

Feb 01 2020 23:15

If the hundreds of ppts that I've seen installed by home owners is anything to go by it matters not a wit. I have installed a double horizontal rcd ppt vertically several times when looping off an existing cct but only because they don't do a double vertical rcd socket. I believe it is critical that you don't install a ppt facing up so that crap doesn't fall down into it, as I've found in cupboards next to dish washers.

Feb 02 2020 08:30

Appreciate the responses and yeah I agree with the facing up thing, most standard socket outlets probably don't comply with (a) for being mounted upwards due to ingress of all sorts of crap

Feb 02 2020 09:11

And one I found a while back that still cracks me up. A farmer had installed his own outside ppt. Used the proper WP fitting, but mounted it upside down. To stop water getting in he made a little cover as a rain shield!!