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Posted By Topic: Making a DIY electric stove

Feb 02 2020 10:19

Hey guys! Very amateurish electrician here.

I just finished watching a video of a guy making an electric burner and stove, using just a can, screws and wires:

He plugged the thing to a 12V battery to heat the setup, however, since most commercial burners/stoves can be plugged directly to the 120/220V current (I suppose that, had he plugged it to the wall, it would have heated way too much), I was wondering how could I make something similar and make it run without a battery or transformer?

Feb 02 2020 12:26

I’m guessing that you’re based in North America. Be cheaper, faster and more efficient to buy a. Little camp stove and gas cylinder.
That uses glow plugs which at far as I’m aware come in 12 or 24v.
To make something like that to run off mains directly would be unsafe and insane.
This is why we have standards for wiring and appliances.
Just my POV.