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Posted By Topic: Company insurance

Feb 02 2020 15:48

Hi guys,

A little off topic with regards to electrical work. I am a sole trader who is contracting.

What insurance companies/brokers do you use?
I am ideally looking to insure my vehicle, tools, public liability and possibly statutory liability.

Any help is much appreciated!

Feb 03 2020 08:30

Look into Crombie Lockwood for indemnity/liability

They have a cost-effective package called sparkproof which is tailored for electricians

Probably best to find a broker or shop around for tools/vehicle. tools cover is expensive

Feb 03 2020 08:34

Marsh also have a package for electricians.

Feb 04 2020 21:13

thanks guys

Feb 05 2020 12:45

I've been in business about 15 years. As the others say Crombie Lockwood have a good package. I was concerned about if I dropped & broke a chandelier etc who would pay. According to them if I got contents insurance for my van it would be covered under that. 9-10 years later I had paid out about $8-9K in premiums for the contents & never had a claim. I would suggest saving a bit of money by not getting that contents insurance.