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Posted By Topic: Main Switch in Combined Meterboard/DB

Feb 03 2020 08:16

Internally located new combined Meterboard/DB
Commercial premises

Thoughts on installing an enclosed switch upstream of the meter in these types of installs?

better for isolation in case work needs to be done in the future? or unnecessary?

Feb 03 2020 08:31

back in the days of supply authorities (pre 1993); used to be common for domestic installations to have meters upstream of main switch. this was to discourage meter tampering.
Some networks have continued the practice; and an Exception in allows it.

But with metering these days being generally provided, installed, and serviced by third parties - who do not have authority to isolate at supply fuse - my understanding is most metering specifications now call for either main switch upstream of meters, or a "metering isolator"; to allow for such work to be done safely.

Because many networks still try to control matters that are not (or shouldn't be) their concern; pays to check the local network's policy. They may well have a clause in their connection Ts-&-Cs that their customer has to comply with.

Feb 03 2020 08:39

I'm not 100% sure I follow, but upstream I take to mean before the meter? You will need a meter isolating switch here. If you're meaning between the meter and the distribution, I can't think of a scenario where the meters need to be live but the distribution section isolated, seems like a waste of time/money.