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Posted By Topic: Time for electrical rego spread your cheeks

Feb 03 2020 18:00

Got renewal email today followed link and paid my 250$ .
It seams a tad pricey has the EWRB uped there game and become a proactive part of the industry. Or do the all just need a new Ranger with big Alloys.
With all this revenue they could at least get some bodies on the ground finding all the unlicensed workers .
Make it rain with hate I needed a rant they stole my pub money

Feb 04 2020 18:03

Its to pay for all the free access to standards precious.

Feb 04 2020 18:10

well it aint free then is it.

Feb 04 2020 20:13

never Has been free. In one way or another, we've been paying for it since day dot!

Feb 06 2020 22:30

That’s for effectively 2 years PL right?

Feb 07 2020 10:43

ahh yes....just pass the "savings" on to the end user. That's how I see it