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Posted By Topic: Solar Rooftop Switch-disconnector

Feb 06 2020 07:50

A lot of people don't seem to be doing them but looking at it's not as simple as most people seem to say, I constantly hear "oh, NZ doesn't need them"

Basically I'm wanting to know how people are doing them? Is it basically the same way Australia does? Do we need to install a shield or cover like they do in Australia?

Feb 06 2020 09:33

In view of the operational problems (fires of PV arrays) that the provision of a rooftop isolator for a PV array brings in Australia, NZ opted out on the provision of roof-top isolators. Your other post on this subject has found the alternatives acceptable.

It should be noted most countries of the world do NOT require a roof-top isolator and Australia is very seriously considering the deletion of the roof-top isolator due to the operational problems it is causing.

Feb 06 2020 14:45

I have noticed and do understand this but we must do what the rules say as we all know

The one that makes this a struggle is (c) which due to ESRs added wording calls for "metallic high density PVC wiring enclosure that shall be earthed" which I don't think such a product is available so basically you can never comply with this for not having a roof top switch-disconnector unless you opt for avoiding internal runs of more than 300mm which complicates things

Feb 06 2020 17:00

This what happens when a lew draughtsperson tries to write technical requirements.

Feb 06 2020 18:16

I know it doesn't matter what we think the intent was when it comes to the wire but I'm assuming the ESR wording change was meant to change the wording to allow high density PVC instead of the metallic earthed material

Which is what it seems most systems I've seen go by and seems most inspectors are happy with it too