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Posted By Topic: Solar Rooftop Means of Isolation

Feb 06 2020 07:52

Similar to my question below but for those opting not to use a roof top switch-disconnector what means are you using to meet the requirements of (d)

"The PV array panel wiring shall be provided with a means of isolation for servicing
(i) This may include removable sub-array fuses for isolation of multiple string PV
(ii) The means of isolation shall be labelled “The inverter d.c. isolator shall be in
the ‘Off’ position before isolating the PV array”.
(iii) Where sub-array fusing is used as the means of isolation the following label
shall be displayed in a prominent position. ‘All fuses shall be removed to
provide complete isolation of the PV array’.
(iv) The isolation device and/or fuse fittings shall be rated for the maximum output
voltage of the PV array.
NOTE: The selection of the fuse links if utilized should be in accordance with Clause 3.3."

Feb 06 2020 14:33

Are MC4 connections sufficient in satisfying this?

Feb 06 2020 16:59

For a SMALL system, the MC4 connectors are OK to use.