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Posted By Topic: Solar Insulation Resistance Testing

Feb 07 2020 15:13

Do you need a special kind of insulation resistance tester to do these tests? Or is any insulation resistance meter sufficient?

My old company provided meters designed for solar and new company doesn't have any but I have a Fluke 1664

Just wondering if I need to purchase a specific piece of equipment or if the 1664 for do the trick. Last thing I want to do is destroy the tester

Feb 07 2020 16:54

I’ve tested them before with just a standard insulation resistance tester, not one specifically for PV installs.

Look at appendix D (section D4) of 5034:2014. Seems you just test between earth-positive side of the array, then earth-negative side of the array. Table D2 tells you the test voltages too, depending on the array voltage.

Feb 07 2020 17:43

Ah, yeah I've read appendix D but never understood if a specific designed PV tester was needed

I guess that's the reason you do each one at a time to earth protects the tester

Good to know, thanks a heap