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Posted By Topic: PDL145V flush box's

Feb 09 2020 14:48

the threads on these have turned to shit again, i have fitted a far few in recent renos with many behind tiles requiring longer flush screws, didn't know about the issue till fit off and some flush screws having such a tough time they are twisting on install. please tell your wholesaler about this, PDL reps are more interested in having coffees than doing something about it so the more they hear about it the quicker something may get done.

Feb 10 2020 10:54

I've been using LED flushboxes for years now - they're the fastest to fit off, as you can push the screw through the thread and just tighten the final portion.

Feb 10 2020 12:31

my wholesaler doesn't stock them though


Feb 11 2020 14:42

I haven’t heard of LED flush boxes. Do they have a light in it?

Anyway, apropos the OP comment about PDL 145 flush boxes: if you can’t use the thread bc it has been stripped, drill another hole directly next to it with a 3 mm2 drill bit.

Feb 11 2020 18:41

the thread has not even been done, checked several wholesalers in wellington, same same. The PDL rep suggested i buy a tap, he has since ordered one for me. Today i was in the wholesalers and they were still on the shelf, when i rang him 'it was on my list' was the answer. I spend a lot on pdl, and expect an issue like this to be a priority once they are aware of it, i even suggested he get a tap and go to the wholsalers himself..... drilling a three mm hole beside it is a lovely idea, until you got one behind tiling where the imported tilers give you no room to move....

Feb 12 2020 18:57

I feel your pain. I've snapped off a few heads of screws on those stupid things. I actually got my wholesalers to try to source the last 144mt in the country as the others were so bad. Unfortunately the reps although pleasant don't bother reporting back as noone wants to hear their products are crap.
Are there any other flushboxes that are any good? Voltex ones are pretty crap too & CLipsal 157Ps are too small for some applications.
On a side note if you do come across a PDL rep please get them to ask for an iconic 20amp oven mech to add to their range as two 32amp mechs don't fit together on a 383vh

Feb 12 2020 19:28

The 144's are fine.

My only problem now is that they only come in black.

That has increased the amount of boxes that are sheeted over. I think the record was about 14 in one house - after the builder promised he would never do anything that stupid :(

Feb 12 2020 23:28

the rep hasn't been too bad, ordered me a tap but i don't feel the reacted quickly enough to remove the faulty product, they should have done it straight away and if nothing else he could have sat down and tapped a few dozen out and with the help spread them around, and notified customers the issue before they use faulty ones and have a shit fight dealing with them. today he brought me eight good ones to site,. i also rang pdl nz and they knew of it but the wheels turn slowly. it's bloody hot working and an issue like this doesn't help ones day and is costing me and no doubt others time and money simply.

Feb 12 2020 23:42

And I thought it was only me, when I had the same exact issue fitting off a bathroom bedroom reno the other week. Normally I use the voltex and not had a issue, but of the 6 outlets I had to fit off, I had 3 that had naft screws. There is no way you can drill a hole next door when trying to fit off a double iconic in a tight tile cutout.

Feb 13 2020 18:31

did you advise you wholesaler and ask them to check stock. what pisses me off is that it's a problem they are aware of but don't seem to be owning up to it to customers and putting it right