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Posted By Topic: PIR switching

Feb 09 2020 14:52

Hi there,
Im in talks with architect about ceiling PIR switching for room lighting.
Is it necessary to have an isolation point (On/Off/Auto switch) or is the MCB suitable isolation?


Feb 09 2020 16:36

There's no requirement. An AOM switch (and most light switches) doesn't actually meet the requirements for an isolation switch anyway - lockable, on/off marked etc.

You might want one if it's hard to force the lights on, though. Particularly with outside lights and daylight sensors.

Feb 14 2020 18:56

For PIR sensor in a room or in toilet we usually put it into practise to put an override switch to the room aside from the breaker in the electrical board. One reason is that it will be more convenient to isolate it from that area by turning off the switch rather than going to the board. Also some of the board dont have labels on it so the tendency to turn off the wrong circuit will cause hazard.

Feb 14 2020 19:16

The OP asked about isolation.
A light switch does not provide isolation.

I agree with Someone’s comments about an override switch to force the light on if required.


Feb 14 2020 19:42

"some of the board dont have labels on it "

which means they are non-compliant