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Posted By Topic: Career change in direction possible

Feb 09 2020 18:36

Thought some information may be available here as searching online didn’t shine much light.
I’m currently a qualified/ registered electrician (10 years exp).
Found out that soon there is a possibility I may loose my job due to a dwindling workload.

Looking on job sites there seams to be not a huge amount to choose from, possibly due to a lot of places not advertising?
All jobs previously have been through word of mouth or recommendations.

I have seen a job advertised for lines mechanic. I previously worked for ABB which I believe is somewhat similar work which I really enjoyed.

Does anyone know if this is a complicated change of career path or possibly made easier with the qualification that I hold?

Any incite would be much appreciated.


Feb 09 2020 20:05

Are you in NZ?? If so where? Because as far as I was concerned the industry is very busy at the moment and there shouldn't be difficult to find work, just depends on what you are willing to accept

Feb 09 2020 20:34

I’m in north Canterbury. Possibly I’m not to sure we’re exactly to look but most of what I see on seek is recruitment agency’s.
That’s not something I’ve considered to be honest.


Feb 10 2020 00:28

Put the word out to others you've worked with. That's bound to get results in lots of directions.


Feb 10 2020 10:04

Put the word out at your local wholesaler, and others if a change of location is possible. You should have a job by the end of the day.

Apparently there's a lot going on down south. Look around. Every sparky i talk too says their busy and cant find staff.

Feb 10 2020 10:51

If you move to the Waikato I'll take you on. Been advertising for a month, have only had applications from Indians and South Africans looking to move to NZ. Have just tried one and needless to say will only be looking locally from now on. Probably a bit unfortunate for their fellow countrymen, but employing someone from overseas is a whole heap more paperwork and now I'm back to square one.

Feb 11 2020 14:46

Plenty of work in Chch atm.