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Posted By Topic: RCD cover for unprotected sub circuits

Feb 11 2020 21:19

Seeking a definitive answer on what RCD coverage is now required for previous unprotected sub circuits such as stove, HWC

Feb 11 2020 21:37 of AS/NZS3000 2007

"Additional protection by RCDs with a maximum rated residual current of
30 mA shall be provided for final subcircuits supplying—
(a) one or more socket-outlets; and
(b) lighting points; and
NOTE: For the purpose of this Clause, combination fan, light and heater
units, smoke detectors, exhaust fans and ceiling sweep fans are all regarded
as lighting points.
(c) directly connected hand-held electrical equipment, e.g. directly
connected hair dryers or tools;"

This is for domestic which I assume is what you mean but further information on non-domestic can be found in

I suggest you read 2.6.3 in full, should have everything you need to know

Feb 11 2020 23:30

meikle13 are you in Australia or NZ?

In Australia for residential, RCD protection is now required for all final subcircuits in 3000:2018

In NZ, we haven't officially moved to 3000:2018 yet, but even when we do, there is very little difference in the RCD requirements and they still won't be required for stoves, ovens or hot water etc.


Feb 12 2020 08:50

Thank you Doug concisely answered.