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Posted By Topic: Certification

Feb 12 2020 21:38

Here is a curly one. Hypothetically speaking.

Client has imported a caravan, connectable structure, but its a special one and is suitable to be positioned within a Hazardous Area. Like a site office but fed from generator or local site supply via suitable plug.

The client wants to use this on a Hazardous Area site for a short duration during some work being done there and the site is insisting the installation has a Record of Inspection issued for it'before they will accept. Our plan was to assess to Part 1, then assess to 3001, then assess to 60079.14 then issue WoEF.

My understanding is that the ROI would only be applicable for when prescribed electrical work has been done and is deemed HRPEW. No work has been done on this connectable installation, it arrived in the country complete and ready to go.

Am I missing something?
Also if I was to issue an ROI for it, would it be an unlawful one?

Appreciate any comments.

Feb 13 2020 07:13

Well despite what some “Inspectors” think a connectable installation WOEF is not High Risk Inspection, so no ROI required for that aspect.

As far as the Haz Area aspect you are probably better qualified than me based on your user name. But you are correct that if there has been no PEW done on the connectable installation there is no COC / ESC and therefore nothing to lead into an ROI.

Another case of muppets wanting some paper to put in a folder that they think will be CYA material for them.

Reg 73 covers the offences relating to ROI and from my reading of it as long as you are factually correct, you could issues whatever they wanted in the form of an ROI with out any problems. But I would note in the ROI the circumstances leading to it’s issue.

Feb 13 2020 09:13

A very interesting question. Maybe worth a call to ES; but I believe Sarmajor is pretty much right on all counts.

There's certainly no problem with issuing an RoI for PEW that is not high risk(even though that's not specifically stated, the way it is for CoCs for low risk PEW).

But in this case, there's no PEW - and no CoC. So difficult to attach the coC to RoI as required.

I'm guessing the socket it is to be plugged into is outside all Zones, but the unit itself will be in Zone - obviously you'd need to know which Zone in order to assess.


Feb 13 2020 16:52

I think some more details are needed here. If it's a transportable structure (caravan) aren't there requirements on the type sockets (3112, 3123 etc) does this have these?
If it is going to be in a hazardous area does it have the correct hazardous area ratings?


Feb 13 2020 20:36

greg - The connectable structure within the hazardous areas doesn't have sockets but all equipment within is suitable as per 60079.14 and it will pass assessment and testing to 3001 as well.

AlecK - yes the supply is from outside designated zones via cables suitable for the zone they enter.
The no work done no COC argument has essentially been rebutted by; our site our rules, issue COC and ROI or don't use it. I am paraphrasing.

Thanks for you thought gents.


Feb 14 2020 07:01

Im picking they want the original COC for the caravan when it was built or altered to explosive area standards. and at the new stage this would have also required a ROI.
Explosive area sites are required to have a dossier that contains all this information. Its easy to do it at the start than trying to updater a dossier later. I don't think its a case of doing it our way. more a case of complying with the explosive area requirements. I find large sites I do inspection work for strict to the rule and applaud them for this

Feb 14 2020 07:10

nalla - We wouldn't have an issue with that if the connectable installation was in fact built here. It was imported complete.