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Posted By Topic: difference between electrician&electrical engineer

Feb 13 2020 16:13

hi all just want to know the difference between an electrician license and electrical engineer license according to EWRB the limits of work is exact same for both classes so why are they called different names if both can do same work?

Feb 13 2020 16:30

The technical difference will be in how each becomes qualified to be registered. One will have a degree.
One will have a trade qualification.

Remember the Board has the option of altering LoW for any class of PL at any time.

And just because they are (currently)allowed to do the same range of PEW, doesn't mean they are equally competent.

Feb 13 2020 17:53

Just remember that there are Electrical Engineers that are not registered persons and do not have practicing licenses.
They will have to satisfy the board that they have completed the required work and training to gain a practicing license.

For my money the best Electrical Engineers started off as Electricians, so they have a practical understanding that is often lacking in others.