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Posted By Topic: switchboard locations

Feb 13 2020 16:35

Hi There
Is there any reason why one can not install a switchboard under stairs ( in a stairway cupboard)
As long as it meets

Feb 13 2020 16:52

Go for it, seen it a few times lately. Bit of a pain in the arse to work on but if the cap fits.....


Feb 13 2020 17:02

From an electrical point of view you can do it, but from memory it may be a no go under the building act for commercial buildings.

Feb 14 2020 09:50

The key thing is to know that the planned location is NOT in a fire-isolated stairway, passage, or ramp.
That's only likely to be a problem with larger, or some specialised, buildings.

Feb 14 2020 19:03

Installinh an electrical board under the stairs is possible as long as the cables can run smoothly. It is also good to check if the wall is fire rated as running cables to a fire rated wall will add cost. Need to check the comfortable working access to it as well

Feb 15 2020 07:51

if its a commercial building, from a building compliance perspective it can't be installed in an exit pathway, so that's the hallway included. if installed under the stairs in a cupboard then the cupboard would need to have fire rated doors/seal but even then the TA wont like the situation very much.