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Posted By Topic: Grid plates for 30 switch mechanisms

Feb 14 2020 07:07

Back in the 80's/90's HPM produced grid plates to accommodate many switches. I have a job that needs about 30 switches and am asking if there's anyone making grid plates for larger numbers of switches. Thank you.

Feb 14 2020 07:19

You can still order them, the stainless ones eh.

Feb 14 2020 23:20

This goes up to 28 way

Feb 16 2020 16:53

Thank you very much for the Clipsal info as they provide the most information. I'll price it tomorrow.

In the meantime I'd found that HPM do from 12 to 48 gang in steps of 6 however a plate and box for a 30 gang (ES15-2) has a trade price of $1,626.

PDL have a 24 gang (534P24 for the plate) with a trade price of about $611 for the combined plate and box.