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Posted By Topic: Hanging power points.

Feb 17 2020 20:50

Going to install some hanging power points from a suspended ceiling . Can get good fixing above all good there. Want to make to job look neat coming out of ceiling tiles . Any advise on what people have used for this would be appreciated .

Feb 17 2020 22:10

ceiling rose, the clues in the name

Feb 17 2020 23:03

Maybe you haven't noticed that a ceiling rose is only rated at 5A?


Feb 18 2020 00:18

Clipsal ones are 15A.
HPM are 10A
Another option is use the ceiling rose just to drop the cable through and connect in a junction box.
Can also use a standard plate with a cord grip.

Feb 18 2020 08:18

I've put a PCU mech in a single light switch and Jbox in the roofspace before

Feb 18 2020 08:46

HPM 80 would be a good option, has a cord clamp built in; and throw the terminals in your spares box

Feb 18 2020 21:04

Thanks everyone , I've never put them up before , ones i see about have a chain that they hang on . Is the chain necessary, or can i rely on the cord grip to hold . Probably need to buy one and check the manufactures instructions first !

Feb 19 2020 05:03

why not google the MI's?


Feb 19 2020 08:52

Thanks all , the pdl 927 on their web site is not overflowing with info ( or at least where i have looked ) . I has instructions on how to electricaly connect . will see if packaging holds more info .

Feb 19 2020 10:21

Having chain or other support, instead of just the flex, allows use of active-only switching [].


Feb 19 2020 10:54

Thanks AlecK , pdl diagram looks like active and neutral are switched , yet to look at one physically .
Thanks again .

Feb 19 2020 14:02

Would anyone like to explain the 4.4.4 exemption and the reason behind it?
I agree there is likely a danger that the pendant be pulled off the flex (or out of ceiling), and that could warrant a double pole isolator at the board.
I struggle with what having one at the pendant achieves, especially after it has been ripped off and is lying on the floor.
Otherwise it is just like every other socket in the installation.


Feb 19 2020 14:53

I suspect it came to us from Oz; as it was in the first joint wiring rules (3000:2000).
May well have originated with IEC.

Feb 19 2020 15:31

That exception only applies to multiphase outlets.

Feb 19 2020 17:33

I still don't know why we have to switch the N when the Exception doesn't apply.
Can't find anything in IEC.
May be related to the fact Oz requires all-live switching for anything in what we would call a connectable installation.
Wasn't a requirement "when I were a lad"; as the old PDL die-cast pendant sockets used a 22 series switch. I still have several in my "come in handy" bins.

Mar 18 2020 11:35

Thanks Aleck , used the hpm roses as you suggested , they do indeed have a very effective clamp , didnt terminate at rose but in a junction box secured and above suspended ceiling .