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Posted By Topic: UV Filter light

Feb 26 2020 19:58

Does a UV light for a household water filtration system need a SDoC?

Feb 27 2020 08:19

wouldn't fit the description for "light fitting" on list of DMRAs; and doesn't seem to fit under any other heading.

Mar 01 2020 04:18

Light fitting could cover it. It's just not being used for room illumination is all. Would that detail disqualify it as a light fitting?


Mar 01 2020 08:19

The purpose isn't illumination at all. It's disinfection. Any visible light is simply a by-product of something intended to produce UV light - which we can't see so can't be called "illumination".


Mar 01 2020 13:02

where in our rule book does is use the word illuminate? if it's sold as a light it's a light in a court of law.

Mar 01 2020 15:34

"illumninqtion" is in the "rule book" (a Gazette notice) that lists what fittings are DMRAs and so need an SDoC.

So a UV filter is NOT a "light fitting" , not a DMRA, and no SDoC has to be issued for one.


Mar 01 2020 17:06

The list gets a tad comical at times.

Under the section Extra-Low Voltage Devices, there is a single entry - "A device that is a battery-powered self-balancing personal transport device".

So doesn't include the e-scooters nor e-bikes but explicitly catches the Segways.

Mar 02 2020 08:45

Getting off-topic; but

From memory, I believe that entry was intended to cover hover-boards. Whether it also covers "segways" depends in part on whether a "segway" is a "road vehicle", which are exempt from ESRs. "Road" & "vehicle" being - separately - defined in the Electricity Act.
Basically the "vehicle" (from land Transport Act) covers just about anything with wheels; and "road" (from Local Government Act) is also rather wide.
That exemption would cover e-scooters, e-bikes, and I believe it includes "segways".

Also need to be careful with the "short list" descriptions, as many have more detailed descriptions elsewhere.

Mar 02 2020 10:23

Lol, names, so much for hovering. I had to look that one up. I note they are described as self-balancing scooters. Why that variant is classed separately in NZ rules seems odd.


Mar 02 2020 11:14

Agree. Wondrous are the workings? of the minds of officialdom. They knew what they mean when they wrote it; but the rest of us often have reasonable excuse for being confused.

A friend has another variant, basically roller skates with a single wheel on each foot; so one can go forwards and the pother backwards just by "toes up" or "toes down".
The safety issue with all this stuff being related to (lithium) batteries, chargers, and associated connections.

Related to issue of definitions; a couple of Appeal judgements have been released recently WRT Building Act.
One where a Council decided that a "tiny house" caravan was a building and so should comply with building code; MBIE agreed, but on Appeal it's a caravan after all.

The other where a council decided some lo0cks didn't comply with Buiolding Code requirements to unobstructed emergency egress. MBIE said one type was OK, the other two types weren't. Appeal Judge says none of them are OK - but completely failed to consider whether they were required to comply with the clause of the code he relied on. Which on the summary of facts, they weren't.

So we need to be very careful with all definitions. And even if we get it right; officials (at all levels) can take a different view.