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Posted By Topic: Appliances in Bathrooms

Mar 03 2020 17:24

Is it acceptable to install a washing machine,in zone 3, if it is plugged into a socket outside the bathroom?

Mar 03 2020 17:49
For Z3, Table 6.1 says no IP rating required.

So answer is "yes"

Mar 03 2020 18:19

From what I can see it's okay to have an electrical socket outlet in zone 3 as long as it's 0.3 metres off the floor.
Does that sound right?

Mar 03 2020 18:43

your sparky will have a regs book and there is a cklear diagram in there, if they don't they're not a proper sparky and you should get another one

Mar 03 2020 18:47

Socket outlets are permitted in both Zone 2 and 3 provided certain conditions are met

Usually it's being RCD protected for Zone 3

Mar 03 2020 20:58

Cheers, I am a sparky but from the UK. The regs are a little more stringent regards sockets, in bathrooms, in the UK.
Further reading suggest sockets are allowed in zone 3, here, as long as the socket is over 0.3 metres above the ground and protected by rcd.

Mar 04 2020 08:25


Both AS/NZS Wiring Rules & the UK's BS 7671 are based on the same IEC 60364 series of Standards. So there are a lot of things in common, but some of the details are different.

I think the best way to learn this stuff is to keep a copy handy (easy these days with PDF on mobile devices) and look it up each time you have a question - even when you think you know.

And, just to be certain, ask here. Most of us have no problem with helping those who have had a look, and just want confirmation.
Less happy with those too lazy to look things up for themselves.


Mar 04 2020 20:51

AS/NZS3000:2007 is the go to book for this type of question. Not the Electrical (Safety) Regulations.