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Posted By Topic: Distanes to power lines

Mar 05 2020 19:00

A bit of a curly one,

Got a job coming up, got to isolate some LV pole fuses (Yes I'm power company approved to work on their network). Normally not an issue but in this case the pole in question is in front of a shop and sometime during the shops life the roof line has been extended over the footpath and has enveloped the power pole. So standing on the roof the power lines can be touched, they are about 2m from the roof.
So are they compliant?, keep in mind this is works not installation, and there hasn't been any engineering done, ECP 34 isn't really clear on this.

Mar 06 2020 08:31

Seems to me that the construction must have been non-compliant with whatever rules were in place when it happened.

Try ESR 17; which gives "teeth" to ECP 34.

Also ESR 20(1)(a), which would rate the current situation "electrically unsafe"; .
Then ESR 15 says those works are not allowed to be used - making it an offence by the network to let it carry on.


Mar 06 2020 11:26

Hi, I work for a local lines company - best thing to do is if your local network has a defect app or defect paper you should lodge a defect for low conductor clearances or something similar like structure within MADs .
They will/should have someone pop round and pull up conductors to get clearance or find another solution for this.


Mar 06 2020 16:58

Thanks for your reply Alec

just for a bit of context, here is the offending pole

Mar 06 2020 23:45

That looks like at least 3m to me.

Mar 07 2020 09:41

Looks like one i used to visit when i was working for WEL