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Posted By Topic: C5.2 Final Subcircuits

Mar 10 2020 20:47

Can someone just clarify for me what this means?

Does it mean that a single and a double point are both the same value? Or is a double outlet considered 2 and a single 1?

Never understood the wording


c For the purposes of determining the number of points, a multiple combination of
socket-outlets is regarded as the same number of points as the number of integral
socket-outlets in the combination."

Mar 11 2020 07:21

It means that a double outlet is counted as two points.

Mar 11 2020 07:23

Thank you, that's what I thought but wanted to make sure

Mar 11 2020 08:39

Doubles & quads may be what's currently available; but the words have to cover any number that could be produced as a multi-socket combination. Best way to do that is avoid using specific numbers.

If they had mean that multi-socket combinations count as one; then the words would have been much simpler.

Mar 11 2020 09:38

Thank you both and like I said, that's what I had thought, I just couldn't quite get my head around the wording