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Posted By Topic: Inspection or test tag for boat charger?

Mar 11 2020 14:52

Does a charger with a 10 amp supply plug that is mounted on a boat that will be at a marina require inspection or does test and tag suffice. The charger is the only 230 volt piece of equipment on board but will be fixed in place. Looked at 3004 under chargers but seemed more slanted towards fully fitted out boats. I suppose if the marinas policy is for inspection then they will be the the ones to comply with?

Mar 11 2020 17:17

(most) work on boats / marinas is not classed as high risk, so doesn't need inspection.

The setup you describe does not comply with "3004" so can't be treated as a connectable installation and a WoEF cannot be issued.

If not fixed to the boat, could be treated as a portable appliance and dealt with by test & tag.

But as soon as you fix it to the boat, it becomes a non-compliant connectable installation.


Mar 11 2020 19:25

So to make it a compliant installation requires an inlet plug, rcd, socket etc as per B1? If I install these is it the same as a caravan where a warrant can be issued by the installer?

Mar 11 2020 20:42

I would imagine this would just be something added under a certificate of compliance if fixed, and part of the PEW (May aswell list it) then just becomes part of the the standard ewof periodic as time dictates?

If plugged in and non fixed then no issues?

Mar 11 2020 20:51

If the rcd protected part of the issue is addressed and the item is “fixed” and deemed as permanently connected I just simply do not understand the point of test/tagging either unless requested by someone under their regulations/requirements/insurance requires it.


Mar 12 2020 08:38

ESR 78(1) allows first WoEF for a complete new connectable installation to be issued by the same person who issued the CoC for the work.
Doesn't matter whether the CI is a caravan, a boat, or some other type.

Many marinas have a WHS policy that requires any boat wanting power to have a WoEF; though some allow the alternative of all items supplied being test tagged.
That allows for things like battery chargers, dehumdifiers, and also tools for maintenance work.
Some only allow the T&T option for "while attended", requiring WoEF for supply to unattended vessels.

So while it may seem expensive to go down the WoEF route, it's the only way to be sure of getting supply wherever the boat goes.