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Posted By Topic: NZI plug in push button circuit breakers

Mar 13 2020 14:00

Anyone know their fault current rating off hand?
It's not written on them.

Mar 13 2020 17:39

your supplier

Mar 13 2020 19:32

No I mean these old white ones. Someone used them on this commercial installation.

Mar 13 2020 20:09

I believe they were 3 kA

Mar 13 2020 20:41

Thanks Alec

Mar 13 2020 21:56

Ther original design (push button) shown in the picture was only rated at 1.5 kA.

the second generation with an MCB type toggle switch was rated at 3kA.

There was a court case about the correct rating of the second generation of 3 kA rating, and some later versions of the second generation I think reverted back to the 1.5 kA rating.

Mar 14 2020 11:22

Even at 1.5 kA, depending on PFC, they may well have been compliant when installed.
The (presume original) Lupus mcbs in your pic are 3 kA - and I believe like many old-style mcbs they only have thermal trip.

Mar 14 2020 17:12

Thanks for the extra info guys.