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Posted By Topic: Green Goo

Mar 17 2020 06:43

I've read about the green goo that comes off older cables. I understand that it still retains its insulation properties but surely you'd be advising a rewire???


Mar 17 2020 09:21

I wouldn't.

Mar 17 2020 18:09

Normally seems to be in houses of the mid to late 1960’s I’ve found personally.
I have rewired a whole house at the owners request because he was sick of it appearing everywhere. Some switches/sockets it was running down the wallpaper to the floor.
It’s unpleasant and an irritant to deal with but I’m not aware of any particular issues with the properties of the cable itself.
It is generally in a worse state on the high load or high usage points.
They generally have those die cast flushboxes behind which I always remove anyway and the plastic boxes generally help to stop the “goo” appearing on the face of the wall especially cutting a bit of the flush box out underneath.
Most of the light switches don’t tend to “ooze” as much with energy saving lamps

Mar 18 2020 10:45

it'll only run down if the cables let it, i put a loop in it and direct cables up to the switches, that way any will be less of an issue

Mar 18 2020 13:33

Even better if you really don’t want to see it again, once you fit a plastic flush box, separate the old cores up and join in connectors and insulation tape with new tps to the switch/socket outlet