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Posted By Topic: revenue meters next to a commercial rangehood

Mar 17 2020 22:08

A local restaurant has asked me to install a larger range hood to accommodate some new Kitchen appliances .
The electric meter and fuse board is located in a wooden box with doors on the wall in the kitchen.
Is there a minimum distance for appliances etc to the meter as described above . there is also a sink 400 down and 500 to the left of the Meter cupboard.

Mar 18 2020 09:04

Doesn’t sound ideal but I wonder if the wooden box and doors have been installed around the fuseboard because of this location? (Protection from external influences)

Can’t really see what you can do without major work and you are only replacing what is there (all be it bigger).
Would be worth having a really good look at the state of the fuseboard and boxing etc to see if that atmosphere is actually affecting it and if so improving it?


Mar 18 2020 12:29

Wiring rules don't cover revenue meter as such; though they are part of the installation so rules of '3000" apply.
However in this case there's a switchboard, and there are restrictions on switchboard location [2.10.2].
Particularly (a),, & (b)). For wet areas, Zones depend on size of sink; and you'd also need to refer to Section 6.

It seems likely that while the hood itself may not be a problem; placing cooking appliances under it may lead to the installation no longer being compliant with applicable requirements; in which case ESR 113 says it couldn't remain in service.