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Posted By Topic: Motor size with overload

Mar 18 2020 15:37

Hi there,

Was just wondering if anyone new what maximum power size an electrical motor can be before it needs to be put on contactor with overload. For both single phase and 3 phase...

Mar 18 2020 15:50

Pretty sure it was 0.75kw not actually sure if single/three phase was different?

Mar 18 2020 16:02

0.37kw sorry

Mar 18 2020 17:04

4.13.2 says >370 W requires overload protection. Not necessarily contactor though; as the two functions are not directly related. Switching is under

Mar 19 2020 06:43

Thanks guys appreciate the feedback this has answered my question and have checked it over in the as/nzs 3000 wiring rules