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Posted By Topic: The real need for the ESC?

Mar 18 2020 18:15

As we have had the “dual” system for some time now I’m just wondering what we are really gaining by having both certification forms??

I find myself and I’m sure others do, literally filling out a COC or full form for most jobs anyway.
I find there is still as much time involved in addressing the job as an ESC or COC so why actually bother?

I know there may be elaborate systems out there that can cut time and costs out of it for an ESC but essentially you are describing the job that you have done in as much detail as possible (as you should) but why not just fill out a COC?

It came out a bit on the last refresher course also, is it fundamentally geared around addressing PEW that is difficult to physically identify at an address or for something totally different??

Mar 19 2020 09:27

I believe the intent was so that a simple message could be given to the public: to ALWAYS expect a certificate (of some sort)for any electrical work on an installation.

Part of the complication is because trainees can't "certify" PEW. The ESC must be issued by whoever actually did the connection(s) for the work described. Unlike a CoC, which can be issued by anyone with a suitable current PL. So issuing a ESC is technically not "certifying" PEW.

Yes a lot of the info required for ESC is also required for a CoC - plus some additional. Which os why we have freedom to use combi-certs; and even to design our own forms provided all necessary info is included. With a combi-cert; you only enter most data once. The only things that need to be duplicated (when both CoC & ESC are required) are name / PL / signature / date.

We're also specifically allowed to issue a CoC for low risk PEW if we want to