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Posted By Topic: your local wholesaler and hand sanitizer

Mar 19 2020 09:54

we're all hearing this shit about keeping clean but nothing is being done at my local wholesaler, they simply say they can't get hand sanitizer. I also asked if they clean the counters, no reply on that.
This is the place at the moment where I visit which has by far the most people through it, what is your local one doing?
Yes i have my own, in my pocket and van, but it's betterer if everyone has access to it.

Mar 19 2020 12:23

I bet they've got soap / water / towels; & they won't be the only ones unable to re-stock sanitiser.

Just be grateful they still let us in the door; some places are really going over the top.


Mar 19 2020 17:49

soap water towels is all good for those that want to seek it out, it's the uncleaned masses that worry me, it should be there in front of them and what's to stop them at least cleaning the benches with meths every now and then? went to a dairy today and asked what they are using for eftpos, they had some liquid soap, yeah right, that's not even been near the machine.

Mar 20 2020 06:48

If your so concerned Why don’t you just wear your full hazmat suit when you go in, or maybe your asbestos mask or better yet - maybe just get the goods delivered to your job.

Mar 20 2020 08:45

I agree that many places should clean their places & equipment more often and more thoroughly. But last week you weren't worried about visiting your wholesaler; and didn't expect what you now say they "should" be doing.
I think it's unreasonable to expect them to suddenly change to adopt latest "best practice"; when even if they want to - and it sounds like they do - they can't get the materials.

Eftpos units have always been risky for bacteria & viruses, and one of the filthiest things around is cash. The ways to avoid infection from the "great unwashed" haven't changed. The only thing that's changed lately is that there's a new type of virus, that there's no immunisation available for.

There's nothing to suggest this virus spreads any easier or faster than other similar ones, eg the normal range of flu viruses. For those that get it, it seems to be approx 10 x more deadly. But chances of catching it are low; especially if we follow the official advice. So yes, a bit more care is needed - by everyone. But the overall risk of picking up a bug hasn't actually risen much at all.

Think of all the "bugs" we must be spreading as we move between customers & suppliers. I don't normally disinfect my tools & test gear between customers, and I bet you don't either. Same for clothing.

I've got sanitiser in the van. The pump's broken. Can't get replacement or even re-fill for when it runs out.
I've got gloves & masks - same issue.
So I'll be using them sparingly, as before.
I'm certainly not going to start wearing a full-body condom suit to every job.

This isn't going to be over anytime soon, and I still need an income.


Mar 20 2020 13:57

I’ve heard and have read that normal, plain soap (eg Sunlight) is effective.

Mar 20 2020 15:13

bakinginthegame, it's people with that attitude i'm trying to avoid simply. i've hand sanister in my pocket, and use it when i get to a customers house, in front of them, i've already had another customer heard of this and rang me cause of this, i'm not being stupid, but right now the wholesaler is my biggest point of contact by far so just asking what they are doing to protect us, which in turn protects them
betterer physically and finanially.

Mar 20 2020 15:26

it's not so much the soap as the washing. soap's just a surfactant, breaks nsurface tension of the water - doesn't directly kill bacteria / viruses.

alcohol gels are simpler because you they actually kill bugs, and you don't have to dry. (just leaves your hands covered in dead bugs)

Found a "sanitiser at supermarket today - but on looking closer after getting home it isn't alcohol based so basically useless.


Mar 20 2020 17:02

From the info out there soap breaks down the fatty membranes of the virus making it very effective (and cheap). Hand sanitisers are good for where soap and water are not readily available. Just have to rethink our way of doing things. Its almost an automatic action to shake hands but now I just... dont.

Mar 20 2020 17:03

And PS. Be safe out there folks.