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Posted By Topic: power points

Mar 20 2020 16:18

What is the max power points I can connect to a sub-circuit and what is the total load allowed in this case? Calculating the voltage drop, should my reference be 230V ? if the voltage at the mains is measured 236V Can I go Further than 5% Vd limit?

Mar 20 2020 19:09

Appendix C5 and Table C9 will allow you to work out how many points you can have on one circuit.

As for volt drop you don't even use the 236v as a reference. You need to calculate based on size of cable, distance, installation conditions etc. If you don't know distance and size of your mains you should assume a 2.5% drop over your mains and limit volt drop to 2.5% over you final soon circuit.

Mar 20 2020 19:59

A lot can be common sense, think of what heating sources may be in the house or what may be used in the future particularly in older houses with plug in heaters etc and how the house performs.

I always aim to have two GPO circuits in the kitchen evenly splitting the expected usage and also contrary to many people’s beliefs don’t just aim to have a loop or two ends at an outlet, having three almost guarantees shorter distances and therefore less concern over volt drop, EFLI readings etc.

Also consider the rccb’s (if using) with potential loadings to keep the maximum demand under control