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Posted By Topic: Fire walls

Mar 20 2020 19:57

where is the best place to find out how to penetrate fire walls

Mar 20 2020 20:02

Generally keep the hole under 25mm or as small as possible to be able to use most fire rated products adequately and under there specifications without going into fire collars etc

Mar 20 2020 20:26

We got good no-bull advice for heat pump, plumbing and cable penetrations in a new commercial building from Ryanfire in Christchurch.

Mar 20 2020 23:07

Download the gib app

Mar 21 2020 19:53

It depends on the type of wall you are penetrating, the firestopping material used to re-instate it, and the FRR (fire rating) required. Every firestopping material is certified to deliver a specified FRR in certain conditions (hole size, cable qty and size, wall thickness) and if you apply the material within those limits then it complies. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Too many sparkies don't appreciate how important it is to maintain the integrity of a fire-cell, and just smash a hole then apply a splodge of compound. Not good enough.